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Hello. Welcome to the awesome School Safety Portal!
I’m Professor Ike. I help schools create and maintain a safe and healthy learning and work environment through training and my proven process, which you stand to enjoy and gain from when you take one or more of my courses 

About The School Safety Portal

Do you struggle to meet your legal safety responsibilities and achieve safety compliance? 

Do you struggle to pay for safety services and trainings? Just maybe your finances, income and budget just cannot accomodate a full time safety advisor?

Are you exposed to various hazards and risks and cannot seem to find a way to reduce or even control them, making it hard to your business to thrive? 

Worry no more. Meet Safe Schools, an initiave by Professor Ike. 

Professor Ike helps schools and business to meet their legal, financial and moral safety responsibilities by working with them to achieve safety compliance in a cost effective manner. 

She started the School Safety Portal to give schools and businesses access to safety trainings, information, guidance and support without them needing to break the bank. 

THE SCHOOL SAFETY PORTAL is a hub of editable policies, templates, courses and lots more, to help you with your safety journey. All you need do is pay a monthly or yearly fee or for what you want and need.

The perfect solution to your school safety challenges valued at thousands of £s but given to you at a fraction of the cost! We currently have a variety of content for you and are working on lots more! We will release something new and loaded every month which you can access as an All Access & Much More member. 

Meet the creators

We are Safe Schools Global Ltd. We are on a mission to create a safer world by helping schools create and maintain a safe and healthy learning and work environment.  We also educate children on safety topics that affect them so they can develop safety mindsets and care for one another. 

We have been working with schools for over 4 years now and know just what schools need to thrive safely.
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Train your entire team!

You can train as many as your employees as possible! You get discount if training 2 or more staff and they each get an e-certificate of completion.

Buy courses for:
- 2 to 10 employees and get 10% off the total bill.
- 11 to 50 employees and get 20% off the total bill.
- 50 to 100 employees and get 30% off the total bill.  
- 100 or more employees can get you up to 50% off the total bill. 

To get this discount applied, click button below to receive an invoice. 

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All Access & Much More

All Access & Much More gives you access to everything in this portal - policies samples, templates, courses and lots more, to help you with your safety journey. Your fee remains the same for as long as you remain a member! The earlier you join, the better for you. It...

Create your Safety Program in 30 days or less!

A step-by-step cost effective online solution for school owners, heads and administrators who are overwhelmed with the thought of identifying and implementing procedures for preventing...

Become a Safe Schools Associate

Get trained and earn as a school safety associate. Materials and support you need to excel in your role will be provided. Weekly release of...

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Safe Start 2019 Webinar

Get started on your Safety Journey with 7 key elements you can’t do without.

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures for Fire Marshals/Wardens

Learn about the basics of fire safety, how fires start and how they can be prevented. You will also learn about what to do in...

Employee Health & Safety Induction Framework

A quick and easy guide to get your health and safety induction for new and current employees done even if you are not a safety...

School Safety Essentials: A Simple Guide

What to know what a safe school should essentially be like and have in place? Want to know if your current system is fit for...

Mental Health Awareness

Learn to recognise the signs of common mental health disorders that affect children and young people, and provide the right support and guidance.

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