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Welcome to the School Safety Portal

Thank you so much for choosing to have full access to the portal, me (Professor Ike) and my team! You have access to all courses…
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How it works

All Access & Much More gives you unlimited access to all courses in the portal. You do not need to buy them. Once you are a paying member, you will enjoy access to all the contents. In addition, every month, as an all access member, you will enjoy:
1. New content on various safety topics including templates, video guides and awesome safety resources
2. Access to all webinars after the 48-hour access restriction for non-paying members
3. Phone, email or WhatsApp support from the Safe Schools Teams to implement and have success with the program.

Awesome right?

Guess what? Choose premium membership and we will add monthly live visits to your school. You can use the visits for up to 3 hours classroom training on any safety related topic if you choose!

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Here are 3 awesome reasons you would love to have full access to the portal. 

Policies & Templates

You will gain access to useful policies and templates you need for various aspects of running your business safely. These are documents we build on when working with clients! You will get guidance on how to use them to meet your unique needs. 


We want you to learn about safety. It makes implementation much easier! We have online courses accessible anywhere and on any device. You have access to all courses for as long as you remain a member. 

Unlimited support

Yes you read that right. We won’t leave you to just get in with things. You have access to our team to ask questions and ask for guidance where you feel stuck. 

Meet Professor Ike

Hello! I’m Professor Ike, a certified and experienced health and safety practitioner with a keen love for safety in schools. 

I have spent the last 9.5 years working in safety with the last 4 years with schools to help create and maintain a safe and healthy learning and work environment. 

I also managed my family owned school for 3.5 years and know the pains, challenges and frustrations of school owners, administrators and teachers. 

I have used my experiences in schools to create this portal and this course you are about to take. 

My team and I are available to answer questions and provide support. So please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Much love and happy learning. 


All you need to create and maintain a true 21st century school.

Hello. Welcome to the awesome School Safety Portal!
I’m Professor Ike. I help schools create and maintain a safe and healthy learning and work environment through training and my proven process, which you stand to enjoy and gain from when you take one or more of my courses