Become a School Safety Practitioner by Professor Ike

Become a School Safety Practitioner

Get trained and earn as a school safety associate. Materials and support you need to excel in your role will be provided. Weekly release of training and resources for 12 weeks and another 12 weeks of project work and internship in a school.

Launches on August 5th, 2019

Course details

Designed for those who want to consult for and work in school safety or even manage the safety of their school themselves. 

Course involves 12 weeks of intense learning and 12 weeks internship in a school. You really cannot do school safety until you understand what goes on in schools, their challenges and how you can help!

In this course, we share all we do at Safe Schools  including:

- LIVE 1 hour mentoring and Q and A sessions hosted held weekly. A video record of each session will be available. 
- Weekly Office hours for one-on-one support and Q & A
- Access to a private WhatsApp group throughout the duration of the program.
- Affordable investment of only £795. Payment over 6 months is available with a little fee applicable. 
- Opportunity to join Safe Schools as an Associate and have access to our resources for your own use when working with schools, as well as CPD and support year round. You pay a yearly fee to us and keep all your earnings. 


All you need to create and maintain a true 21st century school.

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