Create your Safety Program in 30 days or less! by Professor Ike

Create your Safety Program in 30 days or less!

Create your Safety Program in 30 days or less with this step by step guide.

Why do I need a safety program?

Tragedy after tragedy have tortured schools and businesses year after year. Some have had to be shut down because of a tragedy or safety failing they couldn’t recover from. Many are still struggling to recover and know that they should have had a safety system that works in place. 
It is certainly not too late.
Let me guess. You're ready to finally create your safety program but you’re overwhelmed with all the different pieces you have to put together. Google doesn’t seem to be doing it for you...
...maybe you have tried the DIY (Do It Yourself) method but somehow it all just didn’t come together. Infact, you have been told what you have put in place yourself, is more risky than if you had nothing at all
...maybe you’ve been wondering if spending all that time and energy doing trial and error is even worth it. This is time and effort you could be spending on things you enjoy doing and are knowledgeable about.

You’re not alone!
I have met many like you who want to get it right with safety and be on the right side of the law but aren’t quite decided or simply cannot afford a safety consultant. 
I know it can be an overwhelming and exhausting task especially when you don't know how to even get started. 
You can create a safety program unique to your needs in as little as 30 days! Create a safety program is a cost effective online solution tacking 7 key elements of a safety program designed to get you started quickly on your safety system. 
With this program, you will:
1.      Identify your policy needs, have a simple and concise health and safety policy and start implementing it.
2.      Identify hazards present in your school or business and come up with simple solutions that work
3.      Get stakeholders - management, leadership, parents & learners and employees deeply rooted and involved
4.      Identify training needs and provide training & information to all (employees, parents & learners, visitors etc.)

and much more!

You can create a safety program for your school or business In 30 days or less following these 4 easy and simple-to-implement steps.

Train more staff & enjoy discount

You can train as many as your employees as possible! You get discount if training 2 or more staff and they each get an e-certificate of completion.

Buy courses for:
- 2 to 10 employees and get 10% off the total bill.
- 11 to 50 employees and get 20% off the total bill.
- 50 to 100 employees and get 30% off the total bill.  

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Meet your Tutor

Hello! I’m Professor Ike, a certified and experienced health and safety practitioner with a keen love for safety in schools. 

I have spent the last 9.5 years working in safety with the last 4 years with schools to help create and maintain a safe and healthy learning and work environment. 

I also managed my family owned school for 3.5 years and know the pains, challenges and frustrations of school owners, administrators and teachers. 

I have used my experiences in schools to create this portal and this course you are about to take. 

My team and I are available to answer questions and provide support. So please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Much love and happy learning. 

Professor Ike

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos File Icon 10 files Text Icon 7 text files


Health & Safety Policy
Healtth & Safety Policy Guide
8 mins
Health & Safety Responsibilities Guide
221 KB
Hazard Identification, Control and Communication
Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments
11 mins
Additional Information
Writing a Risk Assessment - A Simple Guide
289 KB
Risk Assessment Sample
298 KB
Risk Assessment Template
35.9 KB
Training & information
Training & Information Tips
8 mins
Train employees before they even start working for you. Please read this.
Management & Employee Commitment and Involvement
Management & Employees Commitment & Involvement
13 mins
Health and Safety Committees
Safety Committees - All you need to know
3.06 MB
Safety Representative & Committee Training Information
666 KB
Health & Safety Meetings
Inspections & Audits
Inspections & Audits
8 mins
Whose responsibility?
Record Keeping
What kind of records?
Incident recording/reporting
Incident form template.docx
38.4 KB
Incident Investigation
Bonus expired.
Bonus expired
What next?
All Access & Much More

All you need to create and maintain a true 21st century school.

Hello. Welcome to the awesome School Safety Portal!
I’m Professor Ike. I help schools create and maintain a safe and healthy learning and work environment through training and my proven process, which you stand to enjoy and gain from when you take one or more of my courses