Special Bundle: Design a simple safety program & induction process by Professor Ike

Special Bundle: Design a simple safety program & induction process

Learn what it takes to create and maintain the safety system that works for you!


Save £10 with this 3-course bundle!

  • Create Your Safety Program
  • Health and Safety Induction Framework
  • Fire Safety & Emergency Procedure

Yes access all 3 courses for £125!

What's included?

Create your Safety Program in 30 days or less!

A step-by-step cost effective online solution for school owners, heads and administrators who are overwhelmed with the thought of identifying and implementing procedures for preventing and dealing with accidents; but want a simple, easy and effective of achieving this in 30 days or less and at a minimal cost.

Employee Health & Safety Induction Framework

A quick and easy guide to get your health and safety induction for new and current employees done even if you are not a safety expert. This course comes with an editable PowerPoint presentation you can use for inductions!

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures for Fire Marshals/Wardens

Learn about the basics of fire safety, how fires start and how they can be prevented. You will also learn about what to do in a real emergency as well as prevention techniques, maintanance, inspections and fire risk assessments to ensure your workplace is kept safe from fires.