Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures for Fire Marshals/Wardens by Professor Ike

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures for Fire Marshals/Wardens

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures for Fire Marshals/Wardens

Course Overview

This is more than just the typical fire safety course. It not just trains your fire marshals or wardens about the basics of fire, how fires start and how to use fire extinguishers, but also about emergency procedures, carrying out effective fire risk assessments, inspections and fire safety record keeping!

It is one of the best fire safety courses you can ever attend. All for just £16!

The aim of this training course is to ensure that you understand:
- the basic chemistry of fire, 
- how fires start and how they can be prevented
- what to do in an emergency situation with regard to fighting a fire and evacuating safely from the affected area.
- how to carry out a fire safety inspection 

At the end of the course you will:
- be able to identify the three elements needed to create a fire
- understand the legal duties which are placed upon the employer and the employee
- recognise fire risks 
- understand and be able to practise basic fire precaution control measures
- understand the need to maintain ready access to fire exits and routes
- know the quickest evacuation route from their respective areas
- be able to identify the various types of fire extinguisher used in their organisation
- know which extinguisher to use and when
- know how to use a fire extinguisher
- be able to carry out simple fire risk assessments and inspections 

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