Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures for Fire Marshals/Wardens by Professor Ike

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures for Fire Marshals/Wardens

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures for Fire Marshals/Wardens

Course Overview

This is more than just the typical fire safety course. It not just trains your fire marshals or wardens about the basics of fire, how fires start and how to use fire extinguishers, but also about emergency procedures, carrying out effective fire risk assessments, inspections and fire safety record keeping!

It is one of the best fire safety courses you can ever attend. All for just $20!

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What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 6 text files


Learning Outcomes
Why do fires start
The Science of Fire Demystified
The Science of Fire - A simple explanation
14 mins
Preventing Fires
10 Fire Prevention tips
A case study
Fire Emergency Procedures
Actions in the event of a fire
18 mins
How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
3 mins
Identifying the correct fire extinguisher
66.6 KB
Fire Risk Assessment - A simple template
41.9 KB
Using the Fire Risk Assessment Template
10 mins
The Fire Warden
The role of the Fire Warden
9 mins
Important Regulations to take note of
Regulations & Requirements
What next?
Test Your Knowledge
182 KB
Feedback & Reflection

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